ATIS-MI2A, 2021.

Ibrahim Azab responds to the exhibition Armour through sculpture and digital collage. In the form of an assemblage work, pieces of laser cut images are layered within surfaces of synthetic natural and industrial textures. By ways of transforming downloaded images from the internet, Azab constructs a multilayered work displayed in and out of a polythene zip lock bag.

Later to be un-packed by the viewer, ATIS-MI2A.ZIP discusses the absence and presence of touch within the image, the internet and the everyday. The whole becomes dismantled and appropriated by the observer, just as the artist adds, removes parts of the image and material itself, revealing what is underneath the surface. Discussing relationships between the the act of looking, idealism and desire, the cut outs are placed within a synthetic skin like material that allows information to pass or move though whilst simultaneously being confined.

Furthermore the contents of the zip lock become an integral part of the work. Making a distinction between interior and exterior space, the individual pieces are handled, placed and preserved within and out of its container. Significantly ATIS-MI2A.ZIP investigates a process explored thro ugh ideas of the mechanical reproduction of images, environment and memory.

Acknowledgments: OmniColour @omnicolour