London based artist Ibrahim Azab explores language, sculpture and performance within photography. Focusing on the photograph itself, he considers the photograph as an object which communicates through a visceral and physical process.  Highlighting the act of  “seeing” and the subconscious process. Significantly Azab’s work surrounds the subject of failure within photographic realism, playfully surfacing a phenomenological understanding of perspective, process and performance within the medium of photography.

Ibrahim Azab is also a formal member of Relvolv Collective -




BA (Hons) Photography - The Arts University Bournemouth


2020 (Short - listed) OMNI Artist award
2019 (short-listed), Unseen Magazine Instagram Competition
2018 (Long-listed), Jerwood x Photoworks award


2020 A Hand Is Dealt, South Kiosk, London.

2020 Fresh Cuts, Sid Motion Gallery, London. 

2020 F O R M, Seen Fifteen gallery, London.

2019 Elephant Magazine Summer Exhibition, Elephant West X Traubadour, White City, London.

2019 Intro: spective, Seen Fifteen gallery, London.

2018 Non - Conclusive, The Cosy Club Bournemouth.

2017 State Your Case, 5th Base Gallery, London.

2017 SAFELIGHT, BUMF Gallery, Bournemouth.

2017 THUD, Truman Brewery, London.

2017 >>Thread Count<< - CO-OP (Der Greif) Unseen Photo fair, Amsterdam. 

2017 Source Graduate Photography Online, Arts University Bournemouth.

2016 Contemporary Concepts in Photography- The factory Studios, Bournemouth.


2020 The Signal - The Photographers Gallery, London.

2019 Photography & Sculpture - AMP Studios, London.

2019 Homeland  - Take Courage Gallery, London.

2019 Peckham 24 (Assistant Curator) - London. 

2019 Intro:spective, Seen Fifteen gallery, London.

2018 Aomori, Seen Fifteen gallery (Assistant Curator) - Unseen photo fair, Amsterdam.

2018   Peckham 24 (Assistant Curator) - London. 

2018  Non - Conclusive - The Cosy Club Bournemouth.

2017  Source Photographic Review online student portfolio, Arts University Bournemouth.


2020 Photography + #7 Anniversary, Photoworks Online.

2020 Photoworks Anniversary commission: Ibrahim Azab, (PW)_H3RE N0W)//_SINCE TH3N.

2020 How To Spend It - FT magazine, How to spend it together - the readers pic’s.

2020 Art Licks Magazine, ‘In conversation’ Issue 25.

2019 The Photography Ideas Book, Lorna Yasbley, Octopus books x TATE Publishing.

2019  In pictures: visual inspiration from the W* photography desk, Wallpaper Magazine.

2017  Artist Directory, Aesthetica Magazine.


2020 The Bomb Factory Art Foundation ,Free Summer Studio.


2020 Destruction and Construction, Free Space Project, Online. 

2020 Mobile Collage Workshop, TPG Develop, The photographers Gallery, Online.