F O R M, 2020.

Seen Fifteen is delighted to invite REVOLV back to Peckham to stage a group exhibition of newworks and an exciting programme of public events. Revolv is a collective of four emerging artists -Ibrahim Azab, Lucas Gabellini-Fava, Krasimira Busteva and Lina Ivanova - with a shared interestin boundary-pushing photographic practice.The exhibition F O R M presents an expanded view of photography, bringing together works thatcross discipline and merge photography with painting, moving image and sculpture. All four artistswill exhibit new works that explore existing and imagined spaces, surfaces, archives and sites ofhistorical interest. F O R M sets out to challenge the traditional language of photography - amedium that seeks to represent yet consistently fails to do so - and aims to create a visualdiscourse around the role of the photographic in contemporary culture.
Seen Fifteen is delighted to announce a new exhibition of multidisciplinary works by artists IbrahimAzab, Lucas Gabellini-Fava, Krasimira Busteva and Lina Ivanova. F O R M explores existing andimagined spaces, sites, surfaces and archives. The artists expand on photography as acontradictory medium and language that seeks to represent unanimously, yet consistently fails todo so. The works on display investigate ways of creating and altering the topography of the imageand the object reflecting how the photographic situates itself through painting, moving image,sculpture and photography. Significantly the artists on show react to the way global eventsinfluence how images are circulated and perceived, forming a visual discourse about the role of thephotographic in contemporary culture.