FOPDTMM, 2019. 

FOPDTMM reveals a process and failure of experience through object, sound and the photographic medium.

Ibrahim Azab constructs collages made from magazine cut outs and his personal imagery, highlighting the process of reproducing memory and material. Through digital and physical interventions of adding and removing material, Azab uses the mechanical and the manual as a means of producing a work of art. He explores the perception of music and memory to form an understating of the subconscious and challenges the authentic in photographic representations.

For W. Benjamin the work of art encompasses this process quite literally. Through the mechanical processes of photography ‘such as enlargement or slow motion’ or rather in this case Photoshop and collaging, the image can escape its authentic or original position, becoming something further than the physical, mirroring how the subconscious seamlessly performs this process with our own memories.

Through this playful investigation, Azab attempts to dematerialise the surrounding world through everyday consumer images but rather more significantly the artist forms a visceral understanding of  images and materials which becomes a vessels of re-appropriated experiences, memories and photographs.