(0_S), 2021. 

‘(O_S)’ is an ongoing series of 2.5’x4.5’ digital collages. Ibrahim Azab revisits and remixes his own personal archived imagery saved on a mobile device using methods of post production through a smartphone version of Photoshop and other image editing apps.

Azab explores relationships between material, memory and information through manipulating personal experiences via the screen, applications and significantly the internet. Processed through ‘operative systems’ based within and out of mobile devices. Azab uses the mobile device to reflect upon the transferrable and influential power of information stored within such operative systems and the subconscious, confronting issues of authorship, authenticity and ownership of dreams and the subconscious space.

Presented as small screen like sized Lightbox, Azab refers to the ‘night light’ suggesting that the screen has become a space for comfort, self gratification and dreaming. Further, the artist discusses the process of photography as a way of ‘navigating’ through such systems and images as Azab dismantles and rebuilds images to form new, re- appropriated memories by methods of mixing, blending and ‘cracking’ physical and digital materiel.