1st - 4th OCT. 

Led by Artists Ibrahim Azab in August. The workshop was part of the Gallery’s development programme which supports 14-24 -year-olds interested in perusing a photography related career. Leaving behind the paper, scissors and scalpel, Azab worked with the group online to investigate possibilities for making art in a digital space using smartphones and a range of photo-editing apps.

The resulting collages consist of existing photographs on the participants devices, alongside new ones they had taken of their immediate surroundings. These digital landscapes were shaped through distorting, cutting, glitching, overlapping and enlarging visual and text based elements. In this way new forms and spaces have been embroidered out of pixels.

Through the workshop the, the screen becomes the stage- the 5 inches of land on ones palm turn into a playground where merging and blending pushes at the margins of what the photographic image is.

The signal sees Azab create a multi-layered installation using the participating artist’s collages, an extension of his own artistic output’.

Featured artists:

Maroa-Isabell Al-Sahlani
Georgina Ashworth
Isabella Bon
Amy Byrne
Rebecca Cronwell
Jade Danaswamy Santiz
Martin Eito
Jackson Mount
Asha Sitarz
Malini Vaja
Annabel Wilkinson


Jolie Hockings
Joshua Moseley 
Krasimira Butseva 
Soectrum Photographic